To protect the newborn baby...

Have you already chosen the cot where your newborn baby will sleep for the next few months? Then it's time to personalise it to protect your baby during the night! You will therefore need to buy the baby cot cushions you need for this.

There are many different formats to protect your baby and also according to their age, and there are some formulas that will be useful both for the cot and for the change to bed.

At Alondra we have several models of cushions for babies, in different sizes and features, available in multiple colours and designs to choose from. Shall we see them?

Whay is a sleep positioner?

Anti-rollover cushions or baby positioners are designed to provide comfort and safety for newborns (less than six months old). They are characterised by having a cylinder on each side to keep the baby lying down or on its back and prevent it from turning over abruptly during sleep, thus preventing it from suffering injuries of different sizes.

Anti-rollover cushions provide parents with peace of mind, especially at night. They can prevent sudden infant death (SIDS), as one of the most important things to prevent this is to control the baby's posture.

What are the bumpers pads?

Pads cushions (also called bump pads) are used to protect the baby from possible bumps during the night in the cot or minicot. In addition to being a safety feature, cot bumpers are decorative products that make the baby's cot look cosier.

They are normally attached to the bars of the cot/minicot rails so that they do not fall on the baby and prevent possible suffocation.

They are an essential product to guarantee the baby's safety and good rest.

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What is a Montessori bolster pillow?

  Cojines rulo Montessori

This bolster pillow serves as a bed protector or cot protector. A cushion in the shape of a cylinder that you will use so that the little one does not hit the walls of the bed or the bars of the cot.

This anti-bump baby roll cushion is very versatile, and you can use it both for the perimeter of the cot, and for low beds for babies and hut beds at ground level, Montessori type.

At Alondra we have different sizes, so that you can combine them according to the size of the cot/bed.

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