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Just as nice and new, but cheaper


Who are we? We are Alondra's outlet products ;-).

We didn't want to miss the chance to greet you and share a few things about us that may be of interest to you.

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Do you want to know why we are named "outlet"?

At first, we were confused about that awkward name and didn't like it one bit, as it seemed somewhat derogatory.

Nothing could be further from the truth! We now know that for many people, we are the best ;-).

Outlet refers to us having been designed in the previous season. We are no longer featured in the current catalog.

Almost all our classmates ended up at the homes of lovely families with very cute babies. We are looking for a home where we can also help those moms and dads look after their children, but there's only a few of us left.

Limited stock

Actually, some colours and designs are already out of stock. And they will not be manufactured again.

That's what happens when you are an outlet item, you are discontinued.

What are we like?

In case there happens to be any doubt, we are simply gorgeous.

Alondra's high quality, completely new and in perfect condition.

In some stores, outlet products are defective or returns. But not at Alondra. Promised! :-).

We never left the warehouse and we neither have flaws nor have been assembled.

We come in our original packaging. And we keep our 2-year warranty, like all our classmates. In case there was any doubt!

Best of all, we offer you a great advantage: A MUCH CHEAPER price.

Can you imagine? Only last year we cost a lot more. And a few months later, you can take us home for much less.

How can you purchase us?

1. Hurry up! Since we have the same quality and guarantee as the new collection at a cheaper price, we sell like hot cakes and are about to run out of stock.

2. You can buy us online on our Outlet online store or in brick-and-mortar Alondra retail stores upon request (the stores do not have stock).

3. If you have set your eyes on any of us, take your chance and we will go home with you.

We have to say goodbye ...

If you still have any questions, call Alondra's customer service. They are very nice and will look after you wonderfully. Tell them you are calling for us ;-).

See you soon!

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