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It is normal to have doubts and concerns when you are going to become a mom! At Alondra we know that receiving advice can make a huge difference at this time of your life... This is why in our BLOG you will find a lot of posts to solve all your concerns. Come on! Check it out and tell us what you think ;)
Ideas para crear un jardín para niños divertido

Ideas to create a fun garden for children

Are you looking for ideas to create a fun garden for children? If so, keep reading because today on the Hortum blog we are going to give you the best ideas to create a fun kindergarten where the little ones can live a thousand and one adventures.
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¿Será niño o niña?

Will it be a boy or a girl? Myths and legends about the sex of the baby according to the Mayans and the grandmothers.

Is it possible to predict the sex of the baby at home? In the following post we will tell you different traditional methods to find out the sex of the baby. According to the Mayans, the grandmothers... Come in and find out!
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5 ideas divertidas para anunciar tu embarazo en Navidad

5 fun ideas to announce your pregnancy at Christmas

Do you want to surprise your family and need inspiration to announce your pregnancy at Christmas? Do not miss these original ideas to announce the pregnancy and that everyone will be speechless! You can combine and customize them however you want ;).
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