A convertible crib is the most practical and comfortable bed for the baby in his/her first months of life. Due to its dimensions, it is a portable piece of furniture that is very easy to handle, just what new mums and dads who are just starting out in the world of parenting are looking for.

Here are the two best Alondra convertible cribs on the market. Each one, with its own features and peculiarities, is perfect depending on the use that each family wants to make of it. Would you like to know more about them?

Crib convertible into cot CREATE TRE

The convertible crib CREATE TRE is one of the most recent novelties in Alondra. It's a great choice if you want to take advantage of your baby's crib to convert it into a bigger bed so that it can be used until the child is five years old. This crib convertible into a larger cot will be perfect if you want your little one to use only one bed until he/she moves to the big bed when he/she is older.

Crib convertible into a larger cot


It's a 3-in-1 convertible crib, i.e., it has three different uses that you can adapt according to your baby's growth and needs. Firstly, the CREA TRE crib is a crib of 60x70 cm that the little one will be able to use, approximately, until he/she is one year old.

Secondly, once your little one reaches his/her first year and until he/she turns two years old, you can use it as a 70x140 cm conventional cot. Thirdly, from 2 to 5 child's years old, it will can be converted into a Montessori toddler bed at floor level.

Thanks to this latest conversion, the transition of your little one from the crib to the 90x200 cm youth bed will be much easier. As it includes a junior guardrail that will give to your child more security while he/she is sleeping.

Finally, with the WCO300 co-sleeping kit, when used as a cot, you will be able to adapt it to the double bed for co-sleeping. This kit includes the connecting straps to the large bed of a maximum width of 200 cm, a wooden plank to unify the space between the cot and the bed and a foam supplement to extend the mattress on the plank.

Co-sleeping kit for convertible crib


The crib convertible into a crib incorporates four metal wheels that allow better mobility of the furniture, so that you can move it around the house without problems. Two of the wheels they have brakes and they all have a rubber band to avoid scratching the floor and greatly reduce noise when moving. In the case of not wanting wheels or removing them at any given time, the crib has non-slip studs at the bottom.


The bed base of the crib is made of slats to facilitate ventilation of both the mattress and the interior of the crib. Also has six different heights so you can adapt it to the different stages of baby's growth or to any bed to practice co-sleeping.

Somier ajustable a 6 alturas minicuna cuna Crea Tre


This convertible crib model is available in two different colors based on the latest decoration trends: white and nomad. All of them are lacquered or varnished with non-toxic products.


EQUO 5 in 1 mini cot from 50x80 cm

The EQUO convertible mini crib of 50x80 cm You will like it if you are thinking of also purchasing a convertible crib or if you prefer to have a conventional 70x140 cm large crib permanently installed as the main piece of furniture in the child's room. Besides being a 5 in 1 mini cot, She is a real cutie!

Due to its dimensions, it is the perfect convertible crib for the baby's first months. With it you can have him close at all times if you do not want to leave him alone in his room. Too incorporates four wheels with rubber bands to facilitate the raising experience at the highest level.

Since it is a co-sleeping crib, it is the best crib for co-sleeping safely. Serial incorporates a kit to be able to join it to the double bed easily and safely. And, thanks to their seven bed base heights, it will be even easier to fit perfectly whatever bed you have.

The EQUO is a convertible crib, as it is cunita, co-sleeping crib and, also, it becomes children's sofa and desk. Finally, it will be very useful in the child's room because, by removing some parts of the crib, it is simplified into a practical toymaker. In this way, your baby can keep all their belongings inside and have them watched and ready to use at any time.

Minicuna de colecho convertible 5en1

How do you see the convertible mini cradle In a crib it is a versatile bed that will help you when it comes to coping with the first months of your baby's life. At Alondra we love that our furniture lasts and is useful for a loooong time. For this reason, we design our cribs so that they have more utilities so that they are durable and quality furniture to withstand a thousand battles and a lifetime!